The 2000s – At the beginning of the 2000s, the Jacques Dessange brand became the “DESSANGE Paris” brand. Salons around the world adopted the new logo and evolved into true temples dedicated to the beauty of women as a whole © Nicolas Valois

In 2004, the Jacques Dessange brand became the DESSANGE Paris brand and revealed a new logo that is still visible today on the fronts of salons around the world.

It was under this new name that the brand launched the first hair products distributed directly in salons, a few years later in 2009. Following their appointment, clients could purchase the products recommended by their experts. They are all designed and manufactured in Guidel’s Creation and Development Laboratory.

That same year, Jacques Dessange retired and handed over the management of the DESSANGE International Group to his son Benjamin, who had been at his side for several years.

In 2010, under his leadership, the salon experience took on another dimension, with the arrival of the Hair Spa. A real revolution in hair care, this concept is based on a simple observation: “you should take care of your hair the way you take care of your body”. DESSANGE reveals the beauty of the hair by lavishing care that is adapted to the scalp, thanks to the benefits of Phytodess products, in an environment of complete relaxation.

The Maison DESSANGE aspires to take care of women and all their needs, all over the world. The salons are true temples dedicated to women’s beauty, where it is possible to have an all-round beauty experience in one place: cutting, coloring, styling, face and body treatments, Hair Spa, Urban Spa, beauty services…

At DESSANGE salons, Excellence is the key word, making each visit an unforgettable and enchanting moment, something which inspired a powerful advertising campaign: “Open the doors to enchantment.”

Sharing the DESSANGE know-how has always been one of the key elements of the development of the brand; so much so that in 2011, the DESSANGE International Group became the first player in the hairdressing market to introduce online training platforms for its brands. These are intended for employees worldwide and are a fundamental vehicle for sharing know-how, values and protocols specific to the Group’s brands. Supporting the training centers, these platforms ensure an unrivaled level of expertise in salons around the world.

Decidedly modern, the Maison DESSANGE has established a powerful digital ecosystem that reinforces the success of a brand undeniably anchored in the beauty sector: a website for each salon, an e-commerce website, development of its image via social networks… all enabling the brand to ensure flawless sharing of its know-how and an increased presence with its customers.

In 2019, the DESSANGE International Group became the first group to launch its professional hair color under the Phytodess brand, distributed exclusively to the professionals in its salons. This gives DESSANGE salons a real point of difference, allowing them to build loyalty by offering clients a unique color in keeping with the brand’s expertise and values. Revolutionary and audacious, this innovation follows on from all the innovations that have marked out the history of the Maison DESSANGE over more than 65 years.

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