1999 – At the dawn of the 2000s, the Group’s Creation and Development Laboratory was established in Guidel, in Brittany, France, enabling it to develop the different brands’ products completely autonomously © Le Pochat Photographe

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1992 – Launch of the first range of “Jacques Dessange Compétence Professionnelle” products, manufactured and distributed by L’Oréal in supermarkets © DR

From the very start of his career, Jacques Dessange was convinced that the hairdresser was a privileged partner for women in matters of beauty. In the 90s, he also created his first Jacques Dessange skincare and make-up lines, in partnership with the Sanofi pharmaceutical laboratory.

Realizing that a client who has just changed her hair needs advice on her new look, he recruited beauty consultants into the salon teams, to help women match their make-up. They are trained at the Jacques Dessange School in consulting and sales, making salons true temples of beauty.

In 1992, Jacques Dessange and L’Oréal worked hand in hand to offer a range of hair products sold in supermarkets under the name “Jacques Dessange Compétence Professionnelle”. Jacques Dessange wanted all women to be able to benefit from the professional competence of a hairdresser at home, at an affordable price. This was the first initiative of its kind by a hairdresser and success was not long in coming! For the first time, products were available that offered a specific solution to each hair problem, making the brand a reference for a wide audience. The products were tested beforehand in salons and at the Jacques Dessange School.

The Jacques Dessange brand also benefited from the strength of L’Oréal’s strike force, thanks in particular to a major media plan: in addition to a press presence, L’Oréal broadcast a TV ad featuring Jacques Dessange himself: “I’m Jacques Dessange, and in my salons…”. Run daily, this advertisement brought considerable visibility to the brand, which is now universally known.

Jacques Dessange had an innate sense of innovation very early on, allowing him to stay one step ahead of his competitors. In 1996, he became aware of the benefits of clay for the scalp and designed the Phytodess product range. By introducing the benefits of nature into the products used in salons, he created a real point of difference for the Jacques Dessange brand. Clay mixtures were made in front of the customer following a personalized diagnosis and applied with a brush to treat targeted problem areas.

Anecdote: The name Phytodess is full of meaning. It brings together the terms phyto, referring to the riches of nature, and dess, in reference to the expertise of DESSANGE.

Three years later, to become more independent, Jacques Dessange decided to build his own production plant. Located in Guidel, Brittany, this factory is a real research center, where formulas are developed, and products are manufactured and packaged for distribution in various salons around the world. Today, it remains the industrial site from which DESSANGE International hair products are produced, allowing the Group to always be at the forefront of innovation and to offer products made in France.

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