1960 – Jacques Dessange designs the wig that he is about to make © Giancarlo BOTTI/GAMMA RAPHO

The name Jacques Dessange offered real added value for salons, and the style he created, pared back and elegant, was instantly recognizable. Jacques Dessange did his own hairdressing and photography until the end of the 60s. With his photographer’s eye, he quickly noticed that blond hair caught the light better than other colors. He made it his color of choice.

In 1970, when blond tended to be very classic and uniform, Jacques Dessange, always ahead of his time, devised the Maillecolor: a cap with holes from which the hairdresser could extract the few strands that they wanted to bleach. Once the cap was removed, the color would be uniform on the tips, and the roots would remain natural, giving the hair a “sunkissed” look.

The look that would make Jacques Dessange forever famous for his blond expertise was immortalized in 1983. Blond patina, a cut full of movement and a sulky pout made the Anabis visual a true symbol. It was an instant hit and clients rushed to the salon to get the same look.

Catherine Ahnell, the model in the famous Anabis visual, was unknown when she was photographed in 1983, and had no idea of the success that was to come. In 1988, on the French program Matin bonheur, she revealed she had been stopped several times in the street by people asking her: “Didn’t you do that photo for Jacques Dessange? 

In that moment, Jacques Dessange had made the Coiffé-Décoiffé and DESSANGE blond world-famous references.

Coloring techniques evolved and at the end of the 80s, the open-air balayage highlighting technique was developed by the Jacques Dessange brand. Wholly innovative at the time, this technique, which is performed by painting the hair with a brush, creates a graduated effect from the base of the hair, which remains natural, to the lengths, which become progressively blonder. Renamed “Californian Balayage” in reference to the Californian women who wear a bright, naturally highlighted color year-round, thanks to the sunshine, this technique is actually not just for blonds!

Natural colors, timeless cuts: Jacques Dessange created fashionable hair visuals that would prove to be timeless. It was these visuals, the beginnings of the DESSANGE hair collections, that franchisees would bring back from their training and display in their windows and books. Using the technical guides that accompanied the images, they were able to interpret the trend of the moment and adapt it for their clients.

Established by Jacques Dessange in the very early days, the hair collections evolved over the years and became an occasion, twice a year, to showcase the brand’s signature techniques. Featuring some models who have since become famous, and shot by renowned photographers, these collections were above all a perfect opportunity to show Jacques Dessange’s expertise and communicate the brand’s image consistently around the world.

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