1960 – Jacques Dessange, behind the scenes with Valérie Lagrange © Guy Breemat / Ina via AFP

In 1954, he bought the Gloria Glory beauty salon at 37 Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue in the 8th district and opened his first salon there. At the age of 29, he suddenly found himself at the helm of a 1300 ft² salon, managing 10 employees.

Today : now located at 39, avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, the brand’s flagship salon covers more than 10,000 ft². Number 37 is now occupied by some of the DESSANGE International Group offices.

It was during this time that he also met Corinne de Boissière, who some years later became his wife. She was a publicist with strong links to the movie industry and also, Brigitte Bardot’s agent, and introduced him to that world. As a result, the guest list for the inauguration of the salon read like a Who’s Who of Paris. Among the 500 attendees were: Michel Audiard, Brigitte Bardot, France Gall, Mireille Darc and Jean Gabin…

Not only did all these big names appear for the opening of the salon, they made it their meeting place: Martine Carol, Brigitte Bardot, Sheila, France Gall, Claudia Cardinale, Sylvie Vartan, France Anglade, Marie Laforêt…they all came there to have their hair done.

And when he wasn’t cutting actresses’ hair in his salon, Jacques Dessange followed them to their film sets. During those years, he also established himself as a hairdresser to the stars by working for the Cannes Film Festival in particular, later becoming its official hairdresser. From that day on, DESSANGE hairdressers would maintain a very special relationship with the world of the 7th art.

Today : Over the years, Maison DESSANGE has become a partner of some of cinema’s biggest festivals, keeping up its founder’s devotion to the seventh art. In that time, it has been – or still is – the hairdressing partner of major festivals like the Cannes International Film Festival, the Deauville American Film Festival, the  César Award Ceremony, the Lyon Festival of Lights, the Marrakesh International Film Festival and more recently, the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival.

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